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View Poll Results: Which awarding body has the best taste in their respective field?

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  • Emmys

    10 13.33%
  • Grammys

    1 1.33%
  • Oscars

    40 53.33%
  • Tonys

    24 32.00%
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Thread: EGOTs: Which has the best taste?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dark Poet View Post
    I haven't voted yet. If the Emmys give a trophy to Jennifer Coolidge in a couple of months, they'll get my vote
    I'm a man of my word

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dark Poet View Post
    I'm a man of my word

    One of the higlights of the night (along with Sheryl Lee Ralph)
    I love when character actresses that are often overlooked get their due finally.

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    The Emmys obviously have the disadvantage of having the opportunity for repeat wins in the first place. Do you really think the Oscars wouldn't give the same performances multiple wins if they could (and even had to in case the field stays the same)?

    When I compare the Emmys and the Oscars, I think it's fair to say that the Emmys are much better at recognizing stuff that people are actually watching and enjoying, the Emmys being more open to unusual contenders from genre shows or something like Severance this year. I can talk to friends about the Emmy nominated shows because they've watched them too, meanwhile they usually have not seen most of the Oscar movies. Obviously that does not automatically make one taste better than the other, considering the movies that make a lot of money are often mediocre franchises/sequels/superhero movies. But in general, while Oscar bait is a thing, I'm not sure Emmy bait is an actual thing, at least not outside the miniseries category.
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    I'm only considering Tonys and Oscars cause the others simply have way too many categories to properly judge their taste.

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    We know the Grammys have the worst, as already mentioned, the times they get it right were pure luck more than anything.

    I mean, their entire M.O. when established was because Elvis, Chuck & Little Richard were defiling music and they had a responsibility to perverse "respectable taste".

    Not even a exaggeration, it’s on record.

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    I’d love to know Lydia Tár’s thoughts about this.

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