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Thread: HBO Orders ‘Game Of Thrones’ House Targaryen Prequel

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    A Jon Snow sequel being Kit Harington's idea is a plot twist I did not see coming. It seems so out of the blue. He seemed over it and tired by the whole GOT aura and fame though he always expressed being grateful for that role and what it gave him. But still.

    Even though I think they should leave the GOT characters alone, I'd probably still check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
    He's still writing. In his previous update a few weeks ago he said he had just finished a clutch of Cersei chapters that he had been wrestling about for a bit, and was now working on Jaime/Brienne. Yesterday he posted he was working on a Tyrion chapter. He is usually never this specific about what he is writing, so I think he is making progress. He said he made a ton of progress already in 2020 (2021, not so much).
    He has been "still writing" for over a decade. It is always worth remembering that in 2015 GRRM thought he could finish TWoW in under 6 months and get it out before S6 of GoT. There was a time in 2015 he even thought 3 months was sufficient. It has been 7 years since that time and he is still not close to being finished. I would love to be wrong but this book is not happening.

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