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  1. "What Album Have You Listened to Today?" Part Four
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  3. The Lady Gaga Thread
  4. Kelly Clarkson: "Dark Side" Next #1 Hit
  5. MADONNA: Ooh La La, You're My Superstar
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  8. The Billboard 200/HOT 100 Thread: Jason Mraz Will Shank His Way to the Top
  9. Legend Xtina is BACK!
  10. 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announced!
  11. Queen B To Show Madonster How It's Done: Beyonce to Perform at Super Bowl
  12. VH1's Divas Live 2012 will be...
  13. The Return of CHER
  14. NME's Best Albums of 2012
  15. The Katy Perry thread.
  16. The Taylor Swift thread
  17. The Sage Luvs Justin Bieber Thread
  18. RIP Dave Brubeck
  19. Critics' Top Albums of 2012 Lists
  20. Guilty Pleasures: Songs You're Embarrassed to Like
  21. Patti Page has died
  22. DAVID BOWIE: First studio album in 10 years
  23. Justin Timberlake's new single with Jay-Z coming out Monday?
  24. Destiny's Child Is Back, Y'all!
  25. Random Music Thoughts XXVIII: For Classy Girls
  26. The Postal Service reuniting?!?!?!
  27. Grammy Awards: Winners & Ceremony
  28. Fergie: 'I will definitely release a new solo album'
  29. Eurovision 2013: Now featuring Andy Hall's Favorite Singer
  30. The Billboard Top 200/Hot 100 Thread: The Rise ofHarlem Shake (in my pants)
  31. No Doubt working on new Album (But No Tour this Year)
  32. Nine Inch Nails to Tour with "Revamped" Line-up
  33. RIP, Alvin Lee.
  34. Lil Wayne Reportedly On His Death Bed
  36. My Chemical Romance breaking up
  37. Daft Punk Strikes Back! Random Access Memories Out May 21
  38. Richie Havens and Chrissy Amphlett, RIP
  39. RIP, George Jones.
  40. The Billboard Top 200/Hot 100 Thread: I Just Want to Eat That Donut
  41. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: Daft Punk Gets More Than Lucky
  42. Random Music Thoughts: Reboot
  43. The Aikiu - Ghost Youth
  44. Madonna Cosplays Marlene Dietrich at Film Screening
  45. The Classical Music Thread
  46. 2013 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Thread
  47. Random Music Thoughts: ChantÚ Moore + Her Whistle Note = Magic
  48. The Celine Dion Thread
  49. The LADY GAGA Thread: I Leak for the Applause-plause
  50. The Gloria Estefan Thread
  51. What Album Have You Listened To Today? Part Five
  52. The LADY GAGA thread: ART(KU)POP
  53. The Britney Spears Thread
  54. The AwardsWatch Front Page Needs A Music Team!
  55. #BANGERZ: The Miley Cyrus Thread
  56. CALLING ALL LITEL MEDONSTERS: The Nekci Menij Thread
  57. Front Page Album Review Queue and Review Claim Thread (Quarter 4 2013)
  58. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: Lorde does Miley one-better
  59. Sleigh Bells 'Bitter Rivals'
  60. Grammy Submissions 2013
  61. Music Front Page Thread Two: With Announcements and Bluster
  62. 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announced!
  63. The New Pearl Jam album: Lightning Bolt!
  64. Lou Reed Dead at 71
  65. The LADY GAGA Thread: I'm a little bit of a bitch
  66. The Britney Spears Thread: Natural BJ
  67. Random Music Thoughts: Come on a Sexodus
  68. The Beyonce Thread: Best Music We Never Had
  69. The Kelly Clarkson Thread: Sleighing Your Faves This Holiday Season
  70. ABBA may reunite!
  71. The 2013 Best Songs and Albums Lists Thread
  72. Grammy Nominations Anticipation Thread
  73. McTrancendence Rejoices: Godbecca Black releases "Friday" sequel
  74. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread:Billboard or Beyboard?
  75. The Miley Cyrus Thread II: Everybody's Talkin' Now, Baby
  76. The Beyonce Thread:***Flawlessly Partitioning Her Way To The Top
  77. Random Music Thoughts: After the Beyoncetorm
  78. The official SHAKIRA thread
  79. The 2013 GRAMMYS Thread
  80. The 2013 GRAMMYS Thread 2: A Night of Bad Singing
  81. The Mariah Carey Thread
  82. The Lady Gaga Thread: The Real Hauswife of Gaga
  83. Abbie Cornish recording Rap Album
  84. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread:Right now we are all very happy.
  85. DANCE FLOOR DARLING: The Kylie Minogue Thread
  86. The Madonna Thread: MDNA SKIN
  87. Rise like a Penis: 2014-2015 Eurovision Song Contest
  88. Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles dies at age 59
  89. EXCLUSIVE: MC Cornish Hen (Abbie Cornish) Drops Song From Her New Rap Album
  90. Prince and WB make peace. Reissues are coming!
  91. Random Music Thoughts: I might have a Swede tooth...
  92. The Adele thread: 25 is coming
  93. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread:Do you have a Problem with Top 40?
  94. Katy Perry: The Queen of Pop
  95. Legendary singer and songwriter Bobby Womack has died at the age of 70
  96. Random Music Thoughts: Lost in a Drugged Dream
  97. What's Your Song of The Day?
  98. The Last Remaining Founder of The Ramones, Tommy Ramone Has Died at 62
  99. 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Thread
  100. Legendary Guitarist Johnny Winter Dies at 70.
  101. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: A voice to break the chandelier
  102. American Idol, Season 7, Top 10 Contestant Michael Johns has Died.
  103. Random Music Thoughts: Music to Save Our Souls
  104. Coldplay, Katy Perry, Rihanna contenders for Halftime Show
  105. The Madonna Thread: MADONИA
  106. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: Swifter Shakes it Off and Jets to the Top
  107. MTV Europe music awards (EMA) 2014
  108. Random Music Thoughts: I Want That Feeling...Right Now
  109. The 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Are..,
  110. 10/27/2014 A.T. (In the Year of Our Taylor Swift)
  111. People's Choice Awards 2015 Music Nominations
  112. Shady Moments by Shady Divas
  113. Random Music Thoughts: To Stream Or Not To Stream...Who Cares?
  114. The 2014 Best Songs and Albums Lists Thread
  115. Grammy Nominations
  116. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: Mockingbirds Chirping on the Billboard
  117. NAACP Image Award Nominations - Music
  118. D'Angelo - Black Messiah is out NOW.
  119. Joe Cocker, dead at 70
  120. The Fall Out Boy Thread: Say A Prayer and Let the Good Times Roll
  121. The Bj÷rk Thread: On a Scale of Aloof to Bj÷rk
  122. Best Song of 2015 thus far: "Only One" (Kanye West, Paul McCartney)
  123. The 2015 Grammy Awards Thread
  124. The TLC Thread
  125. The 2015 GRAMMY Awards Thread 2: Kayne Reduced By Garbage Attack!
  126. The Janet Jackson Thread: New Album Coming In 2015?
  127. Random Music Thoughts: Leakin' All Over
  128. Florence & Machine Return Guns Or Something Blazing
  129. RIP Lesley Gore
  130. The Madonna Thread: Like a Rebel
  131. The Rita Wilson Music Career Appreciation Thread
  132. Joni Mitchell Found Unconscious
  133. Random Music Thoughts:Turdal-HiFi Music Service, that will make you go
  134. R&B Singer Ben E. King, Has Passed Away At Age Of 76.
  135. Blues Legend B.B. King Dies at 89
  136. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread:Billbored, that we don't want to see again
  137. Random Music Thoughts: Apple Stream Flowing in to Make Spotify Cry a River
  138. The Rihanna thread: Bad Girl Gone Good
  139. Random Music Thoughts: Play Loud Farts
  140. 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Thread
  141. Lynn Anderson RIP
  142. The Lana Del Rey Thread: It's Venice, B*tch
  143. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: It lasted only for a Weekend
  144. Random Music Thoughts: Music To _____ Boys To
  145. The Ellie Goulding Thread: Delirium
  146. R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine (Music Video)
  147. The PJ Harvey Thread
  148. Discuss Lionel Richie's Upcoming "25" here. #adelicious
  149. People's Choice Award Nominations - MUSIC
  150. 2015-16 Eurovision Song Contest
  151. The Kpop Thread
  152. The 2015 Year-End List Thread
  153. Random Music Thoughts: About Adele and all other music
  154. Grammy Nominations Discussion Thread
  155. RIP RenÚ Angelil
  156. Glenn Frey R.I.P.
  157. The 2016 Grammys Show Thread
  158. Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire) dies at 74
  159. RIP Vanity (Denise Matthews)
  160. The Beyonce Thread: Beysic Formation
  161. 61st Annual Eurovision Thread 2016: We Are The Heroes of Our Time
  162. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: RiRi coming for Mimi
  163. Rosamund Pike goes "Possession" for Massive Attack
  164. The All Saints thread: One Strike to reconquer the world
  165. Random Music Thoughts: ANTI-Music
  166. Kendrick Lamar releases surprise album "untitled unmastered."
  167. The Kelly Clarkson Thread: The Only Idol
  168. RIP George Martin ("The Fifth Beatle")
  169. Nelly Furtado, An International Treasure: The Nelly Furtado Thread
  170. Malik Taylor (Phife Dawg) of A Tribe Called Quest dies at 45
  171. Best Music Videos of the 2010s in Gifs?
  172. RIP Merle Haggard
  173. PRINCE has died
  174. Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool
  175. Random Music Thread: Must Music
  176. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: Dangerous times for working from home
  177. The Britney Spears Thread: Oops! Am I Relevant Again!?
  178. RIP Christina Grimmie
  179. The Frank Ocean Thread: It's been 84 years
  180. Random Music Thoughts: Won't You Hear What I Hear?
  181. The Carly Slay Jepsen Thread: No Drug Like Rae
  182. The Britney Spears Thread: Ok baby, I am back...one more time
  183. The Weeknd Thread
  184. The Slaysmokers Thread
  185. The K-Pop Thread
  186. 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot
  187. Bobby Vee, "Oldies" Singer, has Died
  188. The Tinashe NIGHTRIDE Thread
  189. Random Music Thoughts: Alicia Keys is HERE
  190. Leonard Cohen dies at 82
  191. RIP Leon Russell
  192. Sharon Jones Has Died at Age 60
  193. America has a new Boyfriend: the Kevin Abstract thread
  194. The 2016 Year-End List Thread
  195. 2017 Grammy nominations
  196. Greg Lake, RIP.
  197. The Solange Thread: Gonna Make Your Trunk Rattle
  198. 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees
  199. The Shania Twain Thread
  200. George Michael dies
  201. John Mayer is King
  202. U2 touring The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary
  203. AW's Best Music of 2016 (Voting)
  204. 62nd Annual Eurovision Thread 2017: 1944, Part 2
  205. Village Voice Pazz & Jop 2016
  206. 2017 Grammys pre-telecast ceremony
  207. RIP Al Jarreau
  208. RESULTS: AW's Best Music of 2016 (Announced 3PM EST)
  209. 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame
  210. The Lorde Thread: In Her Name We Trust
  211. Chuck Berry dead at 90
  212. Gorillaz 'Humanz' Thread (released April 28th)
  213. Random Music Thoughts: You Get What You Need
  214. RIP J. Geils
  215. The Kendrick Lamar Thread: Mr. Morale is Back
  216. The Lady Gaga Thread: A Cure for Chainsmoking
  217. The Harry Styles thread : Our generation's Paul McCartney
  218. Chris Cornell has died at age 52
  219. RIP Rapper Prodigy
  220. The Selena Gomez Thread: Fetishize Me, Captain!
  221. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has committed suicide
  222. 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Thread
  223. NPR's 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women
  224. MTV Total Request Live returns in October
  225. RIP Glen Campbell
  226. The Taylor Swift Thread II: I Don't Give a Damn 'Bout My Snake Reputation
  227. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread: #ImWithMariah
  228. Reindeer King
  229. Taylor Swift Thread 3: The Transformers of Music
  230. The Britney Spears Thread V: Swimming in the Stars
  231. Random Music Thoughts XLVIII: Brand New!
  232. LCD Soundsystem, American Dream
  233. Taylor's 2020 Tour
  234. RIP Walter Becker
  235. The Taylor Swift Thread IV: Let the Games Begin
  236. RIP Holger Czukay
  237. Can your faves do this?
  238. Soul Legend Charles Bradley passed away
  239. The Screaming Eagle of Soul flies no more at 68
  240. Post a song or video that encompasses what you love most about your faves.
  241. P!nk Thread: Beaut!ful Trauma Caused by A Jagged Little Pill
  242. RIP Tom Petty
  243. 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot
  244. The Official KATE BUSH Thread: "The Pull of the Bush"
  245. Random Music Thoughts XLIX: MASSLAYAGE
  246. MASSEDUCTION: Best Album of the Year or Best Album of the Decade?
  247. RIP Fats Domino
  248. The Billboard 200/Hot 100 Thread XVII: #ImWithCamila
  249. The Taylor Swift Thread V: You Must Spread Some Reputation Around...
  250. David Cassidy Has Died at 67